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Observability needs to be shifted left in performance testing, using automation and observability tools to improve load testing and performance analysis in development, ultimately leading to more efficient software performance.

In this episode, Scott Moore interviews Michael Kobush, a breakout speaker at Dynatrace Perform. They discuss how Michael has used Observability with load testing environments in a continuous fashion to make his every day work life easier.

Video Highlights on Shifting Observability Left

πŸš€ The quest to make software and hardware perform at their peak is a challenge worth pursuing.
πŸ”„ Shifting left and automating performance analysis can save time and improve accuracy in data interpretation.
πŸ”„ Shifting left in development by using observability and load testing in the pipeline can automate performance analysis and improve development efficiency.
πŸ” The use of Cloud Automation has changed the way performance engineers analyze data, making the process much faster and more efficient.
πŸ“Š Having well-crafted SLIs that you can trust can speed up the development process by allowing teams to move on with confidence based on the score received.

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