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Intelligent IT means integrating AI into IT support, so that it can shift from reactive to proactive approaches. This allows for faster ticket resolution, identification of root causes, and overall improvement in software and hardware performance. Can Digital Employee Experience (DEX) platforms assist IT teams in solving problems faster with Generative AI? Intelligence Support (a feature in the Lakeside SysTrack platform) integrates the OpenAI large language model to walk end users through issues to a resolution. This is proactive, intelligent IT – and it’s the future of the IT support desk.

In this episode, Scott Moore interviews Lakeside Software Senior Director of Product Management Matthew McGuire on how Generative AI will bring many benefits to the IT support desk and increase the speed to remediation for companies who take advantage of it β€” ultimately boosting the Digital Employee Experience.

Using generative AI and machine learning can improve support desk efficiency and shift from a reactive to proactive approach, ultimately enhancing productivity and user experience. It’s about Intelligent IT.

Key Insights For Intelligent IT

πŸ”„ The shift from reactive to proactive IT support is crucial, as it allows for faster issue resolution and prevents unnecessary ticket escalation.
πŸ“Š AI’s ability to learn from and analyze large amounts of data is a key differentiator and source of value in integrating it into IT support systems.
πŸ’» Machine learning algorithms can quickly crunch numbers and analyze data in ways that humans cannot feasibly do, providing valuable insights and solutions.
πŸ€” AI-powered IT support can help detect and address issues that users may not even be aware of, improving overall system performance and user experience.
πŸš€ By using generative AI and data from the platform, junior IT support members can resolve issues faster and learn from more complex use cases, leading to happier users and more skilled L3 engineers.
🧐 AI models are strong and give good responses, but they still require human verification and critical thinking to ensure accuracy.
πŸš€ Adding machine learning to existing power can significantly accelerate progress and improve user experience in various fields.


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