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The Performance Tour Season 2023 Episode 01 was released on February 08, 2023. If you have not seen it yet, you can check it out here:

Load Testing Tools Today

This footage is actually a conversation that James and I had in Dallas, Texas back in the summer of 2022 when we were doing the live event at Hard Eight BBQ. When James and I are together, we talk a LOT about various aspects of performance engineering. Even when we try to get off on other topic like food or entertainment, somehow the subject always returns back to performance. I guess we’re just wired that way. I had this footage from the Perfmobile available and I did not want to see it get lost, so I decided to make it part of the first episode. 

I’ve gotten feedback about this episode that it seems like we’re against load testing tools that use JavaScript – and that is not the case at all. The point of the show is to go into the concept that a load testing tool is more than JUST the language used to automate, or just the ability to create load on a system. It is so much more than that. When a new load test tool vendor pops up they always tend to start with load creation and how to make it happen, rather than focusing on the output of the load test. We both believe (and state often) that the value of any load testing tool is in the analysis. This needs to be a main feature built in from the beginning, not bolted on with third party solutions. Of course, that is just our opinion. Hopefully out of this video the vendors will look more into creating standards around the use of their product and the output that comes from it.

How This Show Is Made

I get a lot of positive comments about the quality of the show, and I owe much of this to Luke Taylor. I wanted to make sure I introduced him to our audience so they know there is no way I could have done this myself. It takes great editing, music, marketing, and more to put out a show like The Performance Tour. We really try to make performance engineering  more than just technical education and inject some level of entertainment into it. This area has always been niche and I only know how to present it the way I know how. It may be a little strange to some, but it’s just my personality coming out. Luke totally gets me, and is able to produce what is in my head. He is extremely talented, and I am very fortunate to have him on the team.

No Skit?

We’ve decided to move the skits and parodies off of the main episode into their own stand-alone videos. This makes the episode shorter and more digestible and keeps everything on topic. However, I highly recommend you watch each episode to the very end because we always try to put a special easter egg in after the credits, and many times that will give you a hint as to what the next parody video will be about.


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